The LiveCode open source project allows developers from all across the globe to develop great projects. Being part of the open source project is much more than just developing applications for your own projects. There are so many ways you can contribute! The LiveCode source code is completely open and you can dig as deep into that as you are willing to go. Make large significant changes, add features, fix issues that are affecting your project, report issues or just get involved in community discussions. Your contributions are what allow this project to continue.

Contribute to LiveCode

Add to the source code

We have developed guides to make contributing to the LiveCode source code as easy as possible. Get started here.

Build new features

Got an idea for a must have feature? Build it. Discuss it with other community members and develop the project together.

Fix bugs

LiveCode is a deep and complex development tool used by developers all around the globe. There will always be bugs that need fixed. You don’t have to rely on the LiveCode development team. As an open source project member, you can fix them yourself.

Improve documentation

Can you help improve the LiveCode documentation? Can you see a better way to communicate a concept? Can you write instructive examples that will benefit others? Get involved.

Build development tools

Wrap existing libraries or build new widgets. Do you have an idea for a development tool that will make your development process and that of others easier and more productive? Check out the LiveCode builder documentation found within LiveCode.

Write sample applications

A great way of learning LiveCode is the use of sample applications. Help others in the community by developing a sample application that will allow them to dig in, see how it works and learn as they go.

Report bugs

Spotted a problem? Let us know in as detailed a report as possible. The more accurate the recipe the better the chance that it can be reproduced, investigated and fixed.

Help other users

We are a community. Helping others is just as valuable as contributing to the source code. If you see an opportunity to help others and get involved in discussion, take it.

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