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LiveCode Community is open source software. In 2013 you, the community, funded a Kickstarter campaign to release LiveCode as open source to the community, for everyone to use, learn with, contribute to and write apps in. Anything created in LiveCode Community is shared back to the community complete with its source code for others to learn from.

We believe that LiveCode is the best coding tool bar none for beginners to learn. Schools and students around the world are using it, with fantastic results. Hobbyists and startups get into coding with LiveCode Community. Our shared vision is that Everyone Can Code.

Developing LiveCode Community is a huge ongoing project. Our dedicated team are passionate about making it the best it can be. We cannot do this alone. We need your ongoing help. Ways to help include contributing code on GitHub, helping other users with code snippets and advice and donations to the LiveCode Open Source project.

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