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We believe in Open Source software. Coding should be accessible to everyone and we are excited to see the innovative developments being born with the LiveCode Open Source software. Whether you are here to take your first steps in coding, to develop open source applications or to contribute to the open source project, we welcome you to the LiveCode community.

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Getting Started with LiveCode

There are several ways to get started with LiveCode. From developer documentation to video courses and interactive tutorials. Whichever way you like to learn, we have it covered.


There are many forms of documentation resources available to you, including  API documentation, beginners guides, developers guides, lessons portal and various code samples.

Learning Courses

Pick up the skills you need to write your own apps. Learn over 100 new topics in short and engaging video and slide tutorials.

Contributing to Source Code

Learn how to get involved in contributing to the LiveCode open-source project on GitHub.

Contributing to Documentation

Do you want to add an instructive example? Or can you explain a concept better than it is currently explained? Learn how to contribute to LiveCode documentation

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