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LiveCode has been around in various forms for around 30 years – a spectacular track record for a coding environment and a testament both to the technology and to the LiveCode team. Over the course of that period we have successfully reinvented ourselves quite a number of times. It is time to do so again so that we can continue to provide a vibrant and relevant coding offering in a changing world.

After 8 years with an open source offering we have come to the conclusion this is not the way forward for LiveCode. Whilst we are hugely grateful for the contributions we have received from the community during that period, it remains the case that 99% of the work on LiveCode is done by our in-house team. With a large section of the LiveCode community using the free open source edition, the cost of maintaining this vs the reward for doing so is not a balanced equation. It is a huge task which we are under-resourced to undertake. We have therefore taken the decision at this time to discontinue support for the open source editions of LiveCode. You can of course continue to use existing open source editions, and the code remains visible on github for viewing. The project will no longer accept contributions and we will not be maintaining it or offering open source downloads on our site.

LiveCode Community, the open source edition, will no longer be maintained or updated by LiveCode Ltd, as of this release of LiveCode. We are also discontinuing the open source Community Plus license.If you are using Community, we hope that our affordable new monthly pricing, starting at just $9.99/month, will be affordable and means you can choose to continue using the platform. If you really cannot afford even this much, get in touch and we’ll help you out.

New Release Schedule

A new release of LiveCode, 9.6.4 is available for download, either from your LiveCode account if you already have one, or as a trial from here. This release enables the new edition and licensing changes.

In the next week or so we will also be releasing 9.6.5 which will provide support for Android App Bundles and API30. Please look out for more announcements on this.

Commercial License Changes

We are revamping our subscription licensing plans to make it more affordable for new users to get started with LiveCode, while more fairly charging professional users based on the value we are providing to you. This means that the Indy and Business license types will no longer be on sale. We have a range of new price plans targeted at business, hobbyist or educational users. You can view the new line up here.

The Future

We do have exciting plans for the future! LiveCode 10 is about to go into the test cycle, with substantial changes and improvements to Web, Media and Camera enhancements, integration of mobile widgets, and some handy new language features. You can read all about this here.

Kind Regards

Kevin Miller
LiveCode CEO

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